Есенно меню / Autumn menu

Есенно меню / Autumn menu



Pickled fish and vegetables inspired by the antique romain town Nicopolis ad Istrum, with sheep cheese toast

17 00 lv

Allergens – fish, eggs, gluten, lactose


Salmon dome glazed with radish, tarama with sepia ink, mushroom duxelle

17,00 lv

Allergensfish, eggs, gluten, lactose, celery


Octopus, Smilyan beans salad, dried tomatoes, smoked red paprika,

olive juice cubes

24,00 lv

Allergens – shellfish, lactose


Breaded white carp caviar with cauliflower mousse

on crustacean bisque mirror

16,00 lv

Allergensfish, gluten, lactose, celery


Duck liver crème brulee, “Waldorf” salad, elder sphere,

water chesnut chips

28,00 lv

Allergens - lactose, nuts, eggs, gluten


*Veal tripe glazed in gravy, vegetables with luteniza and coconut milk   

14,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, celery






*Bulgarian potato salad with leek, quail egg, homemade smoked trout fillet and trout caviar

17,00 lv

Allergens – fish, fish roe, lactose, eggs


Caesar salad with roasted prawns, crispy ham, Parmesan cheese,

olive croutons

21, 00 lv

Allergens – eggs, shellfish, lactose, gluten


* Bulgarian fresh cheese my style, eggplant caviar, marinated red peppers, parsley oil, garlic crème, roasted onion

15,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, nuts


*Beet root salad, mixed leaves salad, nuts, dry fruits and garlic chips with

pine tree powder, honey and raspberry vinaigrette

                                                                14,00 lv                                                 

Allergens – nuts, honey, lactose





*Pumpkin cream soup with coconut milk, ham from Elena mountain as crumbles, carrot and potato croutons with vanilla salt, pumpkin seed oil

10, 00 lv

Allergens – lactose, nuts


*Cream soup of chestnuts, cranberries, mountain tea cubes

11, 00 lv

Allergens – lactose, nuts, celery

Pheasant consommé, pheasant dumplings, vegetables

11, 00 lv

Allergens – lactose, celery, egg




*In dough roasted radish, goat cheese cream, onion confit,

poched egg, mushroom broth, fresh herbs

19,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, celery, egg, gluten

*”Slavs risotto”

Einkorn , seasonal vegetables, Parmesan cheese

15,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, gluten, celery

*”Trieniza”- Bulgarian pasta with pumpkin crème, mascarpone and rucola

17,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, nuts, gluten


*Celery steak, barley, mushrooms and cauliflower

18,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, celery, gluten 




Fish mix grill “Panagyurishte Treasure”

crab meatball, shrimps kebapche, salmon fillet,

 panagyurishte style poached egg, lentils ragout with vegetables and balsamic

32,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, crustacean, fish, gluten, eggs, celery


Sturgeon fillet, vegetables ragout with marinated crab tails, parsnips with cappuccino aroma, trout roe sauce

42,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, crustacean, fish, celery


Balkan trout fillet in grape leaves,

with ragout from grapes, red onion, walnuts, olives and capers,

garnished with steamed sheep cheese Mekiza
, 00 lv

Allergens – fish, nuts, gluten, lactose


Turbot filet cabbage sarma with Taittinger champagne sauce, garnished with fermented potato with bisque
49,00 lv
Allergens – lactose, crustacean, celery, lactose





Quail a la Rhodope mountains in our style ,

 In butter dough with duck liver and bulgarian truffle, garnished with spicy quince topped with ham from the Elena mountain and own ragout with cinnamon

38,00 lv

Allergenslactose, eggs, celery, lactose, cinnamon, mushroom  


Duck confit, red cabbage, chestnuts, apple and orange sauce

29,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, celery


Veal fillet “Rossini” style, duck liver, Bulgarian truffle sauce and

mashed potato

Allergens – lactose, celery, mushroom


«Surf and Turf» my style ,
pita with prawns, veal strips, sauce Hollandaise, Luteniza crème

Allergens – lactose, crustacean, gluten, egg


Roasted deer filet with herbs crust, Gin-Horseradish sauce, poched pear with rose pepper, hazelnuts, brussels sprouts, Jerusalem artichoke with cacao aroma, pumpkin puree

59,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, gluten, celery, cacao, mushroom


Braised beef cheek garnished with crumbled veal brain and sauteed herbs salad, mashed potatoes with truffel and parmesan, seasonal vegetables

42,00 lv

                                                                         Allergenslactose, gluten, celery, eggs, mushroom





Selection of cheese, Figs mustard, Honey with winter truffles

18,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, gluten 





Champagne soup with Taittinger, quince-rose ptals sorbet,

decorated with citrus on gingerbread dacquoise 

14,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, gluten, cacao, egg, honey, nuts, cinnamon


White chocolate and Amarulla mousse with baked Jerusalem artichoke, malt cake, rye and hazelnut biscuit, brown butter popcorn, dry apricot cream truffle ice cream
13,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, gluten, cacao, egg, ,nuts, mushroom


Baked pumpkin with pumpkin seed cream, dark chocolate cremeux, pickled pumpkin in moutain tea and baked chocolate crumble
13,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, gluten, cacao, egg, ,nuts, cinnamon


Yoghurt espuma with green walnut liquor, baked pear compote, walnut and white chocolate ganache and rosehip jelly
12,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, gluten, cacao, egg, ,nuts


Kaiserschmarrn – Austrian pancakes with plums confit

10, 00 lv

Allergens – lactose, nuts, eggs, gluten


*Sorbet of the day
4, 00

Café Gourmand

7,00 lv

Allergens – lactose, nuts, eggs, gluten, cacao, cinnamon